Why I'm running

Like you, Riverton is my home, and it has been my entire life. It is important to me that Riverton is a place where residents and their families have the opportunity to thrive and prosper. Together with partners in our city and across the state, I have made it my mission to build a community where families can feel safe and connected, where businesses feel welcome, and where innovation and economic diversity can lead Wyoming to financial stability.

When I ran for this seat in 2018, I had the opportunity to get to know our city even better than before. In 2020, I will run again, and I hope to have you there with me. Together we can find real solutions to real problems facing our community. We will work to ensure continued rural healthcare access is consistently available for Riverton, work with industry leaders in energy, agriculture, and more to bring new opportunities to keep our young families close to home, and strengthen our community to continue to improve our public safety.  

Everyone is from somewhere, I am proud that my somewhere is Riverton!

About Me

I have lived in Riverton my entire life. When I was 18 years old, I chose to join the Wyoming National Guard. I remember that day vividly when I first declared my oath to the State of Wyoming and Governor Freudenthal, then to the United States of America and President
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Your Voice

Community Engagement

As your representative, I believe that it is my responsibility to know what the needs of our community are firsthand. During my time in Cheyenne, I commit to being as focused as ever on engaging our neighbors, our local leaders, and our business community to find the best solutions for everyone involved. I will continue to volunteer my time with
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Protecting Private Property and the Rights of our Families

The men and women of Wyoming have represented the ideal of rugged individualism for centuries. We tamed the wild West by prioritizing individual liberties, private property, cooperation, and a do-it-yourself attitude. At the heart of my values is the idea that the pursuit of prosperity and happiness, using your property and your ingenuity, is the most important thing any of
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Working to continue to improve Riverton public safety

Law enforcement in Riverton, Wyoming, is some of the best in the world. They take their service seriously, do the work to protect people and property in Riverton, and consistently uphold the constitution. Under the leadership of our dedicated Chief of Police and with the support of our Mayor and Council, public safety is improving. As your representative, I would
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Innovating Education Systems with a Focus on Family Choice

Education is consistently the number one issue Wyoming voters care about. We are a rural, sparse state with challenges many other states don’t deal with. As such, it is important that leaders protect families’ choices in education. We need to think outside the box, engage technology, and let markets innovate a tired system. One size fits all education models are
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